The McNally Family

The McNally Family

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anniversary in Carmel

Bo and I celebrated our first anniversary together in Carmel. Being a very dog friendly place, we brought Halle. The three of us had such fun weekend eating, shopping, and relaxing in this beautiful town. We stayed in a little bed and breakfast and walked everywhere we went. The town is right next to a beach(dog friendly), it was so much fun to watch Halle run to the water and sprint away from the waves. It was the relaxing weekend we both needed


We went to dinner at this small little restaurant where they had the cutest outdoor seating. I made Bo take a picture from a bridge above the restaurant. So random. haha

There is a famous church in Carmel called the Mission, Bo and I stumbled upon it when we had Halle. There was a sign that said no pets, instead of leaving her in the car we carried her through the whole thing. (No one said anything)

I have the best looking family. I'm so lucky. One year down and many more to come.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Want to know what we did in Syracuse?

For all of you who didn't know, Bo and I spent the first 6 months of our marriage in Syracuse, here is a quick recap of our time on the east coast...

Syracuse Fair, sculpture made out of butter

First time getting stitches 

Bo's pride and joy (a better pic)

So much snow! Our apartment was the top floor, the snow pretty much was covering part of our bedroom window. 

Surviving the snow

Even more snow! 98 STRAIGHT hours of snow!

Halle's Best Friend
Best trailer to be towed cross country

Syracuse kitchen

Bo is really good with surprises.
Here is the quick story, Bo and I literally never saw each other. Pretty much any holiday around (in) football season was not celebrated together. After work one night I came home to find our apartment completely decorated for Halloween. Bo had surprised me with carving pumpkins and making haunted gingerbread houses. What a stud!

Our Christmas tree

Time Square for the Bowl game

Bo's really good honda

Skaneateles Lake, mom's visit (pronounced skinny-at-less)
A very random order! Syracuse was a lot of fun, but we never got to see each other. The coaching lifestyle was not for us. As fun as it is to move across the country twice in 6 months, we are settling down for a while in Palo Alto. Posts soon of our life out here on the west (best) coast.. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

An Official Hello

Hello Everyone!

After browsing through many wonderful, lovely blogs I decided to start over. A fresh new slate, starting from square one, our wedding!

Bo and I got married on July 9, 2010 (very quickly approaching our one year anniversary). It was a fabulous night, and damn near perfect!

I love Bo's serious face, he's so good at it! haha

Love him!


There are so many pictures! I loved everything about my wedding, the flowers, the delft vases, our families, all of our friends, our cakes, the list goes on and on!

More to come! (we have a lot to share :) )

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Fun

Being in a different part of the country has given us the opportunity to try new things. The most exciting "new" experience I have done was pick apples in an apple orchard. Bo and I have had so much fun out here, we take advantage of all the free time he has, and trust me it is not a lot. Last night we decided to make a Halloween ginger-bread house, Bo is quite the designer, and I enjoy the candy way too much!

 Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Worst Blogger Ever..

As far as blogging goes, I am horrible. After looking at a friend's/families blogs, I decided I needed to be much better, starting today!

The best news ever, my brother had his baby yesterday! He is the cutest little boy I have ever seen, his name is Quinn Haatje Copinga, and is 7.4lbs.
Danny is so excited, both he and Annie send me pictures constantly. I will keep you posted on more news about the McNally's!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hello from the East Coast! In three months, our lives have changed from single to married, dependent to independent, stress-free to stressful, care-free to careful, etc, etc.. we are living the life! Bo is working with Syracuse University as a Graduate Assistant for their football team, and I am working at Pottery Barn. We will keep you posted of the "comings and goings" of our life! Stay Tuned..