The McNally Family

The McNally Family

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anniversary in Carmel

Bo and I celebrated our first anniversary together in Carmel. Being a very dog friendly place, we brought Halle. The three of us had such fun weekend eating, shopping, and relaxing in this beautiful town. We stayed in a little bed and breakfast and walked everywhere we went. The town is right next to a beach(dog friendly), it was so much fun to watch Halle run to the water and sprint away from the waves. It was the relaxing weekend we both needed


We went to dinner at this small little restaurant where they had the cutest outdoor seating. I made Bo take a picture from a bridge above the restaurant. So random. haha

There is a famous church in Carmel called the Mission, Bo and I stumbled upon it when we had Halle. There was a sign that said no pets, instead of leaving her in the car we carried her through the whole thing. (No one said anything)

I have the best looking family. I'm so lucky. One year down and many more to come.

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  1. You have a damn good looking family. Have my children. By the way- I love that first picture of you guys. Your outfit is way cute- love the pants!